Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Difference Between Arabic and English Language

Hussam Ali Alessa
Interm 1 R/W

                               There are much of difference between Arabic and English language .  There are difference in writing , speaking , and grammar

                               First I want to talk about the writing , writing in English is more easier than writing in Arabic, because writing in Arabic depends on grammar , also writing in English , but the grammar in Arabic is more difficult to learn it and understand it  . so if you want to learn Arabic , learn it will took you about three to six years ,  only the grammar will take you tow years . I am an Arabic ,   but tel now I do not perfected the pure Arabic language .

                              Next if I want to talk about the speaking it is as hard as the writing , because you have to be with native Arabic speakers all the time . English speaking  is more easier than Arabic because , all the movies that we saw in the TV are in English language and all the products that we buy it is written in English . So there are a lot of people in the world who can speak English gust because they are seeing a lot of movies , and hearing English music .

                             Finally the most challenging thing to learn a new language is to learn who to but the words in the right order . Like in English the right order is subject , verb , object . In Arabic it has the same order as the English , but it is more difficult .

                             In summery there were the three differences between English and Arabic language   

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